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Artificial Turf for Dogs

When purchasing artificial turf for your home, there are a lot of benefits that come with the project. For starters, there is much less maintenance that goes along with artificial turf than regular grass.

Not only this, but the weather will not affect the turf as much as it would be common grass, as certain temperatures could damage and kill the grass. Artificial turf is also customizable, so it can fit any home and style that anyone is looking for.

There are plenty of upsides when it comes to putting in artificial turf. However, one question many people ask when installing artificial; is whether it is safe for pets?

Since artificial turf is being used in home settings, this is an entirely valid question as there are many differences in the turf’s structure compared to traditional grass that pets are used for.

Is Artificial Turf Safe for Pets

Yes; artificial turf is safe for all kinds of pets that may need a backyard. Multiple studies have shown that no health problems have been directly associated with having artificial turf over a grass yard.

Not only this but since there is no place for weeds or other kinds of plants to grow within the turf, chemicals are not needed to keep these kinds of issues away. This will also help keep bugs like fleas and ticks away. While this is not proof as nothing will fully keep bugs away, it will still support the initial prevention of bugs since there is not as much place for them to house themselves.

However, one thing to look out for is that sometimes pets will want to chew at the yard as this is just their nature. Do not worry; artificial grass is less toxic for animals than a traditional yard treated with chemicals. Some older types of turf involve using lead, which could harm your pet. It is best when installing the yard to consult the company you are requesting this service from to opt for a pet-safe option. This will ensure that there are no harmful elements in the yard that may lead to more significant problems for your pet.


Can Pets Relieve Themselves on Artificial Turf

Since the turf is not the same as grass, this can seem like a downside to having the turf over a traditional yard. However, artificial turf yards are perfectly fine when dealing with the droppings of any pet. A different kind of maintenance is required for the cleanings, however.

When dealing with urination, most artificial turfs will have to have a drainage system to deal with instances such as rain. This will help drain the urine when it happens. It is best to clean the affected area with a hose afterward not to stain the turf and ride the smell. Turf also helps as urine can sometimes kill grass but will not damper the color or health of this kind of yard.

The same goes with more solid droppings that may come from a pet. Since the turf is not natural, the poop that comes from a pet can not be broken down or absorbed like it would in a traditional yard. However, it can still be easily cleaned, just as urine. You will have to manually remove the waste from your yard and dispose of it properly. However, once that is done, all left is cleaning up the affected area with a hose, and you are good to go.

If a specific spot has built up a lot of these substances over time, the smell might be more complicated to get rid of. If so, a water and vinegar compound of some sort will trick into ridding the yard of the lingering odor.


how to clean artificial turf

 Things to Look Out For

Although, for the most part, an artificial turf yard is safe for any pet, there are still some things to keep in mind. These are not huge downsides, as the turf is safe for any pet to use, but these are still some issues that you should keep a lookout for.

For starters, many dogs will want to dig into a yard at some point, whether it is from a smell or trying to burry a treat or toy. The yard will be virtually undamaged from this unless it is a constant, but it could be harmful to the animal if this is done a lot. For the most part, it will not hurt the pet in the process, but it is a good idea to keep an eye out to ensure that it does not become a problem for you and your pet.

Another big problem that could arise is extreme temperatures. Since the turf is artificial, the substance will be more susceptible to absorbing heat. This issue should be looked out for but is still preventable. Spraying the yard with water is an excellent way to ensure the yard does not get damaged from the heat and keep the yard cool and your animals comfortable.

In Conclusion: Artificial Turf Is Safe For Pets

Artificial turf is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their yard for any home and cut down on how much maintenance they will have to keep up with. Not only that, but it is both safe and great for any pet that needs an outdoor yard.