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Artificial grass is a substance that resembles genuine grass but is comprised of synthetic fibers.

It has a sturdy base and is built similarly to how carpeting is produced; after that, every blade is sewn on by a machine.

Most artificial turfs created nowadays incorporate brown moss to replicate the appearance of dead grass you might find on an open grass field.

Artificial turf has advanced significantly in terms of how lifelike it looks, thanks to modern technologies and materials.

How hot does artificial turf get?

Artificial turf can increase 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit during most summer days, at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit most artificial turf materials will begin to warp or melt.

Artificial turf will only reach extreme temperatures and melt under certain conditions. For most applications, you will never have to worry about this, but if you’re located in a naturally warmer part of the world here’s what could cause your turf to melt:

Magnified UV rays. These can be caused by window reflections or weak points in the atmospheres UV protection.

Accidents. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and we all have accidents. Artificial turf can melt if you drop something extremely hot on it.

Why Should You Get Artificial Turf?

One of the best benefits of artificial grass is that it never turns brown or dies. It makes your lawn look fresh and alive without the need to spend so much on your water bill, especially during the summer.

The upkeep of natural grass takes a toll on homeowners, especially during heat waves when there’s water scarcity and homes are told to refrain from watering their lawns to save water.

There is no more a need for lawn mowers. You also won’t need to manage your lawn as frequently. In addition, using fertilization, herbicides, pesticides, and lawn maintenance tools are no longer necessary.

Since synthetic turf doesn’t require maintenance like an open grass field, home life is made a little easier. Removing mowers is beneficial to the planet since it lowers the number of pollutants emitted into the environment. For example, an hour of lawn mower use produces the same pollutants as eleven automobiles.


Of all the benefits of artificial turf, the only negative side is that it can get pretty hot and injure you. But even that’s currently being dealt with. Switching to artificial grass will keep your lawn green and save you lots of money for up to 20 years!