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The synthetic grass industry is growing rapidly as more people discover the benefits of artificial turf. Thanks to this, the industry should reach a value of over $7 billion by 2025.

Some of the perks of artificial turf for backyard applications include low maintenance, durability, and environmentally-friendly aspects. It’s also easy and quick to install.

As such, homeowners are becoming increasingly creative when it comes to artificial turf landscaping. Keep reading for a snapshot of how you can upgrade your backyard with synthetic grass.

1. Create an Even Playing Field

One of the latest landscape trends born of pandemic confinement is adding a sports area to backyards.

Artificial turf is an excellent surface for ball sports. There are over 16,000 synthetic turf sports fields installed across North America.

You can create a putting green, a bowling green, or an open play area for soccer, hockey, and other activities. When you install synthetic turf around your pool, you needn’t worry about mud or grass cuttings sullying the water.

It’s also a safe, non-slip surface for poolside installation.

2. Artificial Turf for Backyard Pet Play Areas

All dogs need to spend time outside, but their antics can quickly ruin your carefully planned landscaping efforts. Pet lawn is a durable and safe alternative to natural grass.

When you install pet-friendly artificial turf, your pets can enjoy all the playtime they need. You have no worries about them digging or introducing muddy pawprints into your home.

3. Getting Creative With Concrete

Concrete pavers are the ideal solution for outdoor entertainment areas and garden pathways. Their smooth surfaces create an attractive contrast against the soft textures of the lawn.

Yet, trimming grassy overgrowth from their edges soon becomes an arduous, time-consuming task. The chemicals found in lawn fertilizer also affect the durability of concrete over time.

With artificial turf, you can enjoy the appeal of concrete combined with grass to the best effect, enhance your outdoor enjoyment, and improve the value of your home.

4. Artificial Turf for Rooftops

If your backyard consists of little more than some roof space with a view over the city, you can benefit from artificial turf, too.

A rooftop installation helps you create a green oasis above the city’s bustle. It’s perfect as an outdoor entertainment zone where you can barbecue, relax, or host a small garden party.

By creating an attractive outdoor seating rooftop rest area using artificial turf, commercial enterprises can boost employee morale and productivity, too.

Upgrade Your Backyard With Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is the quickest way to improve your outdoor areas and increase your home’s curb appeal. It’s a long-lasting, water-wise solution for homes and gardens.

Artificial turf solutions are better for the environment because they require no harmful pesticides to maintain. They emit no harmful chemicals and are a safe option if you have children or pets.

Epic Artificial Turf and Landscaping have a solution to suit any yard. Get in touch to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to assist you with your ideas regarding artificial turf for backyard installations.